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North End City Market

The Calm Company Wellness & Yoga - 104 North Main St Suite 3

The Norwegian - 1402 North Main St




9 AM - 1 PM (drop-in)


Meet local farmers. Enjoy fresh, local produce. Eat, shop and talk (but not with your mouth full). Stop by the Owl's Roost Farm booth to get instructions for a compost scavenger hunt. Complete the hunt for a small prize. 
Muscian, Tim Shaffer, will be performing from 10 AM - 12:30 PM

10 AM - 10:30 AM


Learn about why composting matters and how your family or organization can join in (no backyard required). Bring your questions; composter and local farmer, Allyson, will be available to answer them before and after the session.
Near the Roundabout at the North End City Market - North Main and Auburn Streets

1 PM - 2 PM


Interested in having chickens? Do you find the idea of going in your backyard to get some eggs, appealing? Find out more from Sarene Alsharif on how to start and what to expect. Gain an understanding of the environmental impact of having chickens as well as the pros and cons. 
The Calm Company Wellness & Yoga - 1404 North Main St Suite 3

2:15 PM - 3:15 PM


The state of human relations and the wellbeing of people is an essential gauge in determining the wellbeing of the planet. What is the current state of human relations in our community? When we are unkind and destructive to ourselves it radiates to the destruction of our surroundings, the foundation of our lives; plants and animals, water, and air. Antar Baker is hosting a community conversation concerning the connection between people, plants and planet with an emphasis on how to redirect our thoughts and actions to alter our current state. 
The Calm Company Wellness & Yoga - 104 North Main St Suite 3

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM


What can we all be doing collectively as concerned citizens? Learn more about the process of positively influencing corporate and elected leaderships’ decision making and actions. There is strength in collection action. Presented by Doug Scott, Vice President of Electricity and Efficiency at the Great Plains Institute and former mayor of Rockford.
The Calm Company Wellness & Yoga - 1404 North Main St Suite 3

6 PM - ?


Join us for a plant-based dinner by our resident vegetarian and eco-minded chef, Dominic Romano. Dom will be cooking and talking about the steps we're taking (and the challenges we're facing) in making sustainable decisions for our restaurant. Information is free but there is an added cost for food and drink. Let the Norwegian know if you are planning to come on their Facebook Event page. 

The Norwegian - 1402 N Main St