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This isn't your typical summit.

There are several different ways to participate. Attend a presentation. Go on a guided bike ride tour. Check out an open house. Watch a documentary. Ride the city bus. Go to the market. Sew. Play. Eat. Talk. It's about the experience, the conversations, and the ideas and actions that develop as a result. Bring the family. Bring a friend. Discover how our community is becoming more sustainable. Find out what work is being done to decrease our carbon footprint. Then ask.... 
What's next?



After your day at the Rockford Sustainability Summit, let us know about your experience. Take a minute and complete this 4 question survey.




aka the specifics



This summit is a collaborative effort. Many people have contributed their time, talent and resources to make this day happen. We haven't spent thousands. We didn't have much of a budget and that was intentional. We wanted to find out, what is possible. This summit is the result of people coming together, having a conversation and wanting that conversation to continue and grow in our community.